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Motion Control: 5 Axis Rig Experiment

this is a  “just for fun experiment custom rig” made with some Kessler Crane motion control devices. we had this rig in mind so we put this thingy together. it’s been a while as we build this so there might be a few new products out like the multi angle mounting plate which we could now use instead of our own custom build angle made from an old backplane hdd case. :)
below you’ll find some more detailed shots of the rig. we also used 3 oracle controllers and one basic controller to bring this beast to motion. this experiment shows also how strong one small 500:1 geared motor is to hold so well on this big weight. We did a test shot outside but unfortunately lost the shot because the cf card screwed up.
but as soon as we get our hands on the new Cinedrive by Kessler Crane we will build this beast again and make a new shot so we all can see what’s coming out. than we also get 2 axis more to our 5 axis ( motorized focus pull and zoom ).

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