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Tutorial: Creating a “Vertigo-Effect” in a Timelapse Shot with After Effects

this is a little tutorial about how to create a “vertigo” effect with a z-push or pull (moving the camera towards or backwards in the shot) timelapse move using after effects.
i show you this technique on a what we call it “Walklapse” timelapse which is pretty much like a stop motion move. that’s the reason for why we also call it a stop motion timelapse. some people call this technique a “Hyperlapse” which is for my taste … you know … sounds like a overhyped mainstream thingy. personally i don’t like this word. don’t know what’s so hyper on this …. it’s a camera move … nothing more or less ;) …. a big one OK …. but still a camera move :)

anyhow … here is one way how you can do a vertigo effect with such a move.

if you wanna see some more Walklapses, Stop Motion Timelapses, Hyperlapses, Freakoutlapses, Alienlapses or what so ever you wanna call these kind of shots here is our USA Trip video from 2012. :-)

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